Why use a Mortgage Broker

Why should you choose a Mortgage Broker over your bank for your next real estate purchase or refinance? After all, you’ve probably been with your bank for years – you’ve been a loyal customer – You do all of your banking and make bill payments with them, so they’ll definitely give you a great deal right?

1. Independent advice. As independent mortgage brokers, we have a range of lenders and products available to us to suit your unique situation. My goal is to successfully finance your home by providing you with recommendations on available mortgage products that suit your needs and explain them in terms that you understand.

2. One stop shopping. Having access to an assortment of over 50 different lenders allows us to save you valuable time and money. I can even let you know what’s being offered by credit unions and other sources. Based on your situation I can narrow down a list of lenders that best suits your needs. I work to meet your schedule so I’m available when you are.

3. I negotiate for you. With my market and product knowledge, I will secure a competitive rate and term that is right for you, not the lender.

4. Best rate. If you have been pre-approved or quoted a rate by your bank, you’re not obligated to take it. Let me search and see if there is a better alternative out there for you. I also monitor rates right up to your completion date, saving you money.

5. Continued support. Even after your mortgage has closed I’m still available to answer your questions or even for referral needs.